Vegan Food is an Adventure

Most of these can be cooked vegetarian or vegan, key focus is to make them tasty and satisfactory for you.

Click on the image to get the recipe, Good Luck!

Laws are meant to be followed but recipes are meant to be broken so do not hesitate to add additional vegetables to your cooking, i.e. any different- ,colored- or types of vegetables and fruits.

Replace all dairy products with vegan products from Oatly, Astrid och Aporna, Carlshamn, Tofutti, Lysekil, Synnove, Flora, Hellmann's etc.. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Replace all meat products with a variety of foods from available in both different styles and flavor i.e. Seitan, Tofu, Qourn, Anamma, Hälsans Kök, Oumph, Findus, Fry's, Beyond Meat, Tantex etc. who all have different varieties that look and feels like meat: mince, small pieces, sausage, falafel, fillets, pulled (pork), burgers, steaks, schnitzel, bacon, nuggets, kebab, strips, pâté etc.


Please take notice that these receipes are not created by us. They all derive from the world wide web and magazines. We have enhanced many recipes with our own culinary skills but most recipes are not accredited to us. All receipes are in Swedish.

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